Tuesday, May 6, 2008

South Florida Fan Optimism Revisited

Greg Cote of the Miami Herald revisited a topic we had discussed previously on this blog: Which South Florida sports team is in the best shape for the future?

If Cote can revisit it, so can we. We've offered a few opinions between this post advocating the Heat, this post advocating the Panthers, and all the comments in between. Cote takes things a bit further, throwing UM football into the mix. In what is certainly not the most important vote of the day (all respect given to the political races in IN and NC), here are the current poll results:

Dolphins - 34.0%
Hurricanes Football - 26.6%
Marlins - 22.3%
Heat - 10.6%
Panthers - 1.1%

Things have changed since our earlier analyses. The Marlins have continued to play well, while the Dolphins had a pretty solid draft. Do we all still agree with our earlier sentiments?

More significantly, are the Herald poll's responses accurate, or is it just that people tend to favor football? I know Imber and FloridaPanthers4Ever will take some issue here. Share your thoughts and vote!


Imber said...

The fact that the best team on this list is bringing in 1.1% of the results makes it not worth looking at. People are obviously biased towards their favorite team and hockey is the least popular sport down here. On the big deal, little deal, no deal scale, this poll is definitely a no deal.

ASponge said...

Agreed. No excuse for 1.1%

Jay Warman said...

The Marlins are better than the Panthers ...

And the poll is useless because the only bowl winning college football team was left off. And its not like the mighty Burrowing Owls of FAU lost a bunch of seniors. Star QB Rusty Smith is back. So is star LB Frantz Joseph. In all 18 of 22 starters return. The team with the most successful future is FAU football.

Imber said...

I agree that FAU should not only be on this list but be at the top, however the Marlins are not in the same league as the Cats in my opinion. The Marlins have had a good start but they're about to fall out of first place, never to return. Their division is too tough and they just don't have the horses. The Panthers are in a weak division that they have a chance to be contenders in for years to come. The real reason the Panthers are in better shape than the Marlins for the future -- Loria. If the Panthers play well, the team will still be here.