Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Jason Taylor Has Quite a Life

We've had a number of debates at The South Florida Fan about the Jason Taylor-Bill Parcells feud. I've come out on Jason Taylor's side, while Stanley C. and company have taken the opposing stance/straddled the fence.

For those still interested, I strongly encourage you to peruse Dan le Batard's piece on Jason Taylor's rise to stardom. A little passage:

"The other day, Taylor rushed late to a lunch with Denzel Washington. Taylor's Dancing With the Stars partner kept texting him during that two-hour meal to remind Taylor he was late for rehearsal. So Taylor told Washington that, sorry, he couldn't go over to a nearby hotel to meet a waiting friend of Washington's who also wanted an audience with Taylor. That friend was Al Pacino."

Let's just say Bill Parcells isn't too high on Taylor's list of priorities, and why should he be? Right now, Taylor can dance pirouettes around him.


Stanley C. said...

Just goes to show you where his commitment to the Dolphins is on his list of priorities. If I were Parcells, I wouldn't want anything to do with Taylor anymore either.

Jay Warman said...

Just because he has a life doesn't mean the Fins aren't important to him.

He agreed to Dancing before Parcells was the boss.

And Parcells has a history of childish behavior when dealing with star players.

JT will be a pro bowler as usual. Parcells should concentrate on putting some guys on the field that can help JT, not worrying about his offseason activities.

If the Tuna doesnt like it ... trade him. He'd be doing Jason a favor.