Monday, May 5, 2008

Fish Face Favorable Schedule

This season the Marlins have been superb at beating teams they should beat. They have dominated the Nationals, while collecting winning records against the Padres and Pirates. They even have eeked out series wins over the Braves and Brewers.

Taking a look at the near-future schedule, the Fish should be able to take advantage of some weaker opponents.

The next 13 games set up like this:
3 vs Brewers (16-14)
3 @ Nationals (14-18)
4 @ Reds (13-20)
3 vs Royals (14-16)

Three home games against a Milwaukee team that matches up quite evenly with the Marlins followed by three bottom-feeders. It is an opportunity to put some distance between their record and the .500 watermark. At 17-14, a bad series like we saw against the Dodgers can send the Fish back to mediocrity pretty quickly. Beating up on some of the baseball have-nots can create more of a margin for error against some of the better teams later this season.


DSponge said...

Also, the Marlins have extremely favorable pitching matchups against those 4 teams.

ASponge said...

Very well stated. Let's hope they deliver.