Monday, May 5, 2008

Is It Finally Miller Time?

A bit surprising that Greg Maddux still hasn't gotten to win #350. Even more surprising - that Andrew Miller is the pitcher who beat him. Wouldn't you think it'd be Scott Olsen, maybe Mark Hendrickson??

Nevertheless, Andrew Miller redeemed his 2008 big league campaign (again) after his solid outing on Sunday against the major league-worst San Diego Padres. It was certain to me before the game that if Miller pitched anything short of the way he did, he would have found himself on a plane to AAA Albuquerque immediately following. In turn, Burke Badenhop would likely have become the fourth starter and Chris Volstad would then have taken up the role of fifth starter.

Fortunately for Miller, it would appear he has pitched his way to a couple more starts. Hopefully this is fortunate news for the Marlins as well, and will not turn into another string of terrible Andrew Miller games.

But with regard to the actual outing, I think his potential may be starting to show. The one real difference between yesterday's game and all the other Miller starts was his control. Normally, he would get behind every opposing hitter and would always have to climb back into the count, often resulting in walks. This time, however, he was rarely in that situation and the few times where he was, he fired back and made the right pitches to force the out.

So yes, JSponge, unlike that one time, and the time before that, it may actually be Miller time.


JSponge said...

If not Miller regular, at least Miller Lite. I like the taste of victory. Let's hope for another round real soon!

Jay Warman said...

Miller High Life! The champagne of freakishly lanky lefty pitchers!

ASponge said...

Miller was definitely good on Sunday. Then again, it was against the hamster offense from Petco Park.

Still, very encouraging.