Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hanley Signed? Is it Really True?

Normally, I wouldn't have waited so long to break the Hanley Ramirez story, but I didn't want to jinx it. I'm not even a superstitious person (and baseball is certainly a superstitious sport). When it comes to the Marlins, however, you hold your breath on any news like this.

Well guess what? It appears to be happening! Somewhere in South Florida, our friend Imber is reconsidering his fandom. Here are the details:

6 years, $70 million. 3 of those years would have been in arbitration, the other three as a free agent. As Alex Carver of Marlins Today reports:

"This would put Ramirez, who some are projecting as a shoe in candidate to join the 40-40 club this year, would be making more yearly than the second and third best young players in the game at the position, both of whom are with a top 15 franchise in terms of payroll. The scary part is this was actually a bargain for the Marlins, who are handing out an embarrassing $21 million this year. Hanley will be giving up his arbitration year and three years of free agency so getting the deal done now saved the Fish at least $20 million. Had Ramirez held out until the end of the season, he could have easily garnered $90-95 million. Like David Samson or not, he played this one beautifully."

Buster Olney calls it "tremendous for the franchise" and Greg Cote says "I can hardly believe I just typed those four words. A club that leads the majors in cheap has agreed to lavish a six-year, $70 million contract to keep young superstar shortstop Hanley Ramirez long-term, a milestone."

This is truly a banner day for the Marlins franchise. Oh...and the Fish are also 21-14. Miami nice.


Imber said...

Wow. If this is really true I have to say it is one of the first good moves made by the Marlins in years.

Paul said...

I haven't been this excited in a long time. It's really about time the Marlins start acting like a major league franchise. Now let's hope they follow with some other deals to lock down a promising young nucleous.

Jay Warman said...

Uh oh, better clean the bandwagon cuz its fillin' up fast ...