Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Your 1st Place Florida Marlins

It may not last that long (as we've been repeatedly saying all year), but the Marlins are once again in first place. Not by fact, just by percentage points. The current standings:

Florida: 18-14, .563
Philadelphia: 19-15, .559
NY Mets: 16-15, .516
Atlanta: 16-15, .516
Washington: 14-19, .424

Just so you know, these would be the final standings if we factored in the current percentage points:

Florida: 91.2-70.8
Philadelphia: 90.6-71.4
NY Mets: 83.6-78.4
Atlanta: 83.6-78.4
Washington: 68.7 - 93.3

So yes, the percentage point difference amounts to almost nothing, but it is what it is. All hail Scott Olsen (4-1, 2.22 ERA) and the first place Marlins, who can boast that they held the spot as late as 5/6/08. Let's hope the same can be said on 10/1/08 as well.


Michael said...

Sponge, the way things are going who knows, Marlins could win the division. Mets have their heads up their asses right now, Phillies always blow it and Braves aren't the same without Mazzone.

Jay Warman said...

Wow michael. Those defending division champion Phillies always blow it, huh?