Thursday, May 1, 2008

Phinsider Looks at Chad Henne, Akin Ayodele

The term "outsourcing" has developed a negative connotation in the American vernacular, but there are some cases where it ought to be applauded. Taking that to heart, Phinsider consulted outside sources to get local reads on Chad Henne and Akin Ayodele.

Here's the Chad Henne take from a Michigan perspective. A highlight:

"Dolphins fans, what you will get with Chad Henne is someone that is tough both mentally and physically, has four years of starting experience at Michigan, and has the mechanics that can make him very successful in the NFL. There will always be the occasional time where a throw will go nowhere near the receiver as Michigan fans saw many times during his career, but if he can work on getting touch on his passes, then that should happen far less often. Also, his mobility isn't great and his pocket presence is not always pretty to watch, but the latter is something that can be corrected. Personally, although I am biased, to me Henne is twice the quarterback that John Beck will ever be, and he is a steal to get in the second-round as late as Miami did."

That sounds fairly encouraging, and I'd have to agree that Henne's chances of surpassing Beck are pretty strong. Of course, that perspective is biased.

And now, an excerpt from the Akin Ayodele analysis, courtesy of a top Cowboys blogger:

"I never had any major complaint about Ayodele on defense; he was never the guy who I thought was terrible or blew the game for us. But he was never the guy who I thought helped us win the game or did anything special. All in all, an average player but not a playmaker."

Not exactly what you want to hear, but then what else should be expected? If Ayodele plugs a defensive position with adequate skill, that might be all the Dolphins ever wanted.

Major praises to Phinsider for putting these together. You can find all their pieces by clicking the left side link. As I've said before, they should be a part of your daily viewing.

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