Thursday, May 1, 2008

Marlins Bullpen Gets Some Street Cred

Well actually, it depends on your definition of street cred. Does Buster Olney count?

I've been eagerly anticipating a Marlins piece from Olney for weeks. His timing is a bit interesting, considering he catches the Marlins on a two-game losing streak, but what he says is pretty flattering. Whom does he praise? The bullpen!

Here's a taste of his words (you'll need an ESPN insider account to read all):

"The Marlins' bullpen is a lot like other bullpens, with its own distinct culture and personality. There's the tasing thing they've got going, and the reliever who artfully destroys a baseball every day, and the usual good-natured fraternal badgering that goes on, as the innings and hours pass by.
But the Florida bullpen has been very different, so far, in its performance. The Marlins are leading the NL East, and the Florida bullpen has been excellent, racking up six victories and a 3.16 ERA, the sixth-best in the majors."

Thanks Buster!

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