Monday, May 12, 2008

19 Days to Sign Frolik

With the 10th overall selection in the 2006 NHL Draft, the Florida Panthers select Winger - Michael Frolik!

NHL experts said this kid was one of a kind, but he is one player you have to be careful with if you want to draft him so high in the draft. The Panthers took the chance but never signed the kid!

The Panthers have 19 days to sign their first round selection in 2006. I would not surprise me or any other die hard Panther fan if they let him re-enter this years draft. I have said it time and time again that this team needs new ownership.

Froliks Stats:
2006-2007: 52 games played - 31 goals - 42 assists - 73 points
2007-2008: 45 games played - 24 goals - 41 assists - 65 points



He was just fired today by the Sharks. He is now my #1 choice for the next Panthers coach!


Imber said...

I agree with everything here. If Frolik doesn't get signed, it's another step back for the franchise. Ron Wilson is also my number one choice for coach as well.

ASponge said...

More than Doug MacLean?

FloridaPanthers4ever said...


You do realize that Doug has been out of coaching for a long long long long long long time. Guess what? the NHL has changed! I would not want him and obviously JM is waiting for a coach to be available (Savard) or is looking now at Quinn or RON WILSON!

MacLean was in 1996, its now 2008 we need a change.

Dvorak? Yea he also came back and did close to nothing lsat year!

Imber said...

I still wouldn't mind MacLean but Wilson is my new pick with his recent availability.