Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Heat D-League Hero Watch: 6th Edition

In this penultimate edition of Heat D-League hero commemorations, we have to stop and congratulate all the participants. This is one of those cases where everyone gets a trophy, whether they finish first or last. The real accomplishment for these rags-to-riches phenoms was to make it to the top league, and that they did.

Never mind that their team is a horrendous excuse for a franchise right now, or that the only reason they're playing is to help cement the most lottery balls. In that task, they have succeeded most faithfully.

Tonight's performance was pretty similar to previous ones. The Heat were dismantled 91-75 in Toronto, scoring a porous 11 points in the 4th quarter. But who was the hero? It was ... (major major drumroll) ... KASIB POWELL! I know I don't need to remind you what this means for Kasib. With one final game to go, Kasib Powell and Stephane Lasme will duke it out for the championship.

So I'm sure you'll all be marking your calendars with me: Wednesday, April 16th. Powell vs. Lasme, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a brick for a brick. As Simmons would say, POWELL! LASME! THE NBA ON SUN SPORTS!!!

1st Edition - Alexander Johnson
2nd Edition - Blake Ahearn
3rd Edition - Kasib Powell
4th Edition - Stephane Lasme
5th Edition - Stephane Lasme
6th Edition - Kasib Powell

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