Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Florida Panthers Off-Season!

Well ladies and gents, there has been something looming during the past 24 hours. Panther success is hard to use in one sentence, and yes I just used it in one sentence. Doug MacLean the coach as we all know during the YEAR OF THE RAT has been whispered to be interested in taking the coaching job for next season. I bring up success because I personally do not think MacLean is the right choice for this team, if they want to win and win soon they better go with Randy Cunneyworth.

Randy was one of the reasons why Horton progressed so quickly, he obviously works well with younger players and that makes him a perfect fit in the Panthers organization. Olesz, Booth, Kreps, and hopefully Frolik, Matthias, and McArdle can look up to Cunneyworth and progress as quick as possible.

There is no option next season, it's playoffs or BUST! This off season IS the most important off season in the short history of this franchise. They have got to fill the needs to the best of their ability and bring a winner back to South Florida. I have said it time and time again that you have got to build around the young core of this team with TOP TIER talent. Zednik/McLean/Dvorak were not the answer to the Panthers problems. It was an obvious move by Cohen to bring in the cheapest players possible to fill the needs of the team offensively. They did not get the job done!

Jokinen is in need of a top line winger, will they get one? We shall see. The front office of this team is on edge with their fans for the simple fact that they have missed the playoffs in over 7 years. There have been rumors about JM wanting to acquire a puck moving defensemen. I personally do not think the Panthers are in much need of a puck moving defensemen. Mike Van Ryan will be healthy, Cory Murphy is healthy, Noah Welch will finally get in his groove, and of course the best defensemen during the second half of the season Cullimore will be consistent. Don't forget superstar Bouwmeester! Oh, that brings up another point! SIGN BOUWMEESTER!

Take your pick, there are several FA's to pick from for that first line job. Jokinen will be much happier having someone feed him the puck, rather than him doing his patent spin around shot because he can't find anyone who is open.

There have been a lot of names rumored to be the next Florida Panthers coach, what is your reaction? As a Panther fan, who do you want to be the next Panthers coach? Potvin? Hartley?

Winger or Dman?

This is my first Blog! GO PANTHERS!


ASponge said...

Excellent argument and strong first post. You may run into some resistance here, though. We've got some Doug MacLean loyalists here (myself included).

I think Imber feels that way too. Stanley? I'm not sure.

Imber said...

I'm one of the few people that wants MacLean back over anyone else. I don't agree that Zednik and McLean didn't get the job done; they did everything they were asked to do, but they're not top stars. That's what I do agree with you on fully. The Panthers need someone like a Brian Rolston or Marian Hossa to aide Olli Jokinen. I also agree this is a huge offseason, as this team can't afford to miss the playoffs again. Great job man.

Stanley C. said...

A big problem with last season was injuries. Guys brought in to fill scorers roles were hurt. Peltonen, Weiss, Booth, Stumpel, Zednik, McLean, Dvorak, and Olesz all spent time on the injured reserve list last year, including the last couple months of the season. I think a core group is there. I just never saw Martin do anything to get them over the hump. I think Doug MacLean would be a good choice to bring in, he's shown he can make young talent perform (he never really got that in Columbus.) I don't think the Panthers are going to rushing any decisions though, as there could be a few coaches available as the playoffs come to an end. There will be a few big names out there free agent wise, it will be interseting to see what GM Martin does.

FloridaPanthers4ever said...

Thanks guys! I agree with Stanley c. that there were so many injuries, and with that said, well of course a team is not going to succeed when you lead the league in that department. There are a lot of problems that have got to be fixed and changed with this team.

I think we can all agree that Stump, Pelt, Mezei, and Kilger have to go! btw I did talk about MVR coming back and doing well but I do think the Panthers can get a high 2nd round pick for him if they put his name out there!

Go Panthers!