Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More on Instant Replay

Earlier today, I made the case for instant replay in baseball. Sure, I was stung by the iniquity that befell the Marlins last evening, but it's a league-wide problem nevertheless.

Well, our trusty Reader Tom pointed me to something that should help solidify my claim. Take a look at this truly awful call in the Braves-Nationals game. This egregious error makes Hanley's call seem innocuous. Absolutely horrendous!

These umpires are way out of control.


DSponge said...

That could possibly be the worst first base call I've ever seen.

Bryce Adams said...

WOW, that was bad. But to agree with you further, if you go back to he first Rays/Yanks series in the Bronx, the Rays were screwed on two equaly as gross calls. I don't know were the footage is but they involved a miss tag on Upton (by more then a foot) at first and then Upton again stretching a triple when he was taged while standing up on third. Replay is definantly something to look at.

Jay Warman said...

Egregious, innocuous and horrendous all in one post! YIPEE!

ASponge said...

As horrendous as that was, I still think it was more innocuous than egregious.