Saturday, April 26, 2008

With the 57th pick, the Miami Dolphins pick...

Chad Henne, QB, Michigan.

Why he was #57: Henne is a 2nd/3rd QB like any other from all of the other drafts. Analysts will talk about how strong his arm is etc. etc. but the fact is, he's the 4th best QB in a draft class that might've seen a QB like John Beck go #1. He does have a strong arm, but he doesn't look off receivers, has a slow release, and doesn't always make the greatest decisions. Manningham and Arrington made him look better then he was.

Why the Dolphins need him: In my opinion, they don't. Beck has just as strong of an arm, but has a faster release and is more accurate. Josh McCown is also a good enough backup. Henne is a depth pick.

Why I Like the Pick: Wait, what? Didn't I just say that we didn't need him, yet I still like the pick? There's a few reasons here. One, if you look at the available players, there wasn't too much there that would be better then Henne. Maybe Justin King or Charles Godfrey at CB, but really, in terms of value, Henne is the only one that really fit. Plus, as I mentioned about Harvey/Nelson, having a familiar face around helps rookies with the transition to the NFL. Chad Henne and Jake Long were teammates for 4 years, and were both strong leaders for their team. Besides, competition is always important at any position.

Now the only question is, are we going to go after Mario Manningham or Mike Hart in round 3, too? Maybe we'll hire Lloyd Carr next.

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