Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Later Rounds

So much attention has been focused on what the Dolphins will do with the #1 overall pick, and rightly so, but it's usually the later rounds that define a draft. The Dolphins happen to have a full slate of picks this weekend, which should be ample opportunity for Parcells and Co. to place their stamp on the team.

Phinsider examines those other rounds, focusing on the Fins' previous draft struggles. It's hard to argue with the label "a decade of ineptitude" after all that's gone wrong with this team. Let's hope this year commences a decade gone right.

Special note: Rumors are swirling that the Dolphins like Michigan QB Chad Henne. He certainly played well in the Capital One Bowl, but I question his decision making. A Jake Long/Chad Henne 1/2 combo might be a bit too Wolverine for my blood too.

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