Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sonics Update: Messy But Good

The faithful Seattle Sonics fans at Sonics Central have been pouring their hearts out for days. We've been arguing all along that their success would come down to sending out e-mails...little did we know it would be e-mails from Clay Bennett.

Hero-villian-hero Howard Schultz of grand mocha latte fame is suing Clay Bennett for fraud and good faith clause violations, and it seems he has a bubbly case. Even more encouraging is the way the Seattle government has finally rallied around the cause, vowing to hold Bennett to his 2010 lease. There's a lot of uncertainty here, but the odds seem to favor least through 2010 (which gives them more time to launch a better stadium plan/case).

Why have we become so passionately involved in this? Watch these two videos and you'll understand.

Scorched Earth:

We'll Meet Again:

Keep going Seattle!

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Jason said...

WOW! Thank you so much. As a long time Sonics fans it is tearing me up to have this happen. It is so wonderful to know other people around the country care enough to do what your doing. I'm hoping one day this will be in the past and we can have a great big party!

Bellingham, WA.