Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Please Send Andrew Miller Down

I've just gotten back from the Marlins game. It was a disheartening 7-6 defeat, made all the worse by the hope of a near comeback gone wrong. Throw in a couple annoying Dodgers fans and I was ready to throw my Cracker Jack prize at the nearest orange seat.

But of all my mixed emotions, there was one thought that could not be shaken, altered, or excused. The Marlins MUST SEND DOWN ANDREW MILLER.

What more do they want to prove? They may as well have put a batting practice machine out there in his place. The Dodgers smacked Miller around for 6 runs, 9 hits in just 3 innings. Then Doug Waechter came in and threw four shutout innings. Hmmm. Perhaps Waechter ought to just start the game?

All you need to know is that after having Andrew Miller bat in the bottom of the 3rd, Fredi Gonzalez still chose to make the change for the top of the 4th. Fredi knows it, the fans know it, and the management should know it...Andrew Miller is in desperate need of refinement. Send him down NOW!


DSponge said...

The Marlins should have intentionally walked Jeff Kent in the 9th. He is on a tear.

Imber said...

My guess is Miller will be sent down pretty soon.

Squathole said...

Agreed. Send the kid down before his brain warps. He doesn't belong at this level to begin with.

Jay Warman said...

Andrew Miller is like bland meat ... he needs seasoning.