Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jake Long and Beyond

My favorable opinion of Jake Long has been clear since The South Florida Fan's inception. Could it be that Bill Parcells was persuaded by our unwavering support (I certainly hope not, or the Dolphins are in real trouble...then again, I hope he reads the blog). All joking aside, I love what Parcells did here.

Offensive line is the most underappreciated position in football, and yet it plays such a critical role. Look at the time Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have had the last few years. It's all due to the pass protection of their offensive line. A great line can make an average quarterback and a mediocre running back look extraordinary. Jake Long doesn't just prevent sacks; he pushes the line forward.

Not everyone agrees with my analysis. Our friend Pasik (who always claims to be right) is woefully wrong here. He thinks the AFC East caught a break, his Buffalo Bills in particular. Just wait, I say.

As for what happens now, the Dolphins can go in a number of directions. Do they take a quarterback with the #32 overall pick? Chad Henne, Joe Flacco, and Brian Brohm would be the leading candidates. I'd prefer they address their other needs, such as CB and Defensive Line. I know Rate agrees with me.

The even bigger question, however, surrounds Jason Taylor. As Phinsider reports, the Dolphins are trying desperately to trade their all-pro ballroom-dancing sack machine for a 1st rounder. Why? He's 34, unhappy, and probably at peak value. As a hardcore Taylor fan, I'd like to see him stay, but if the 'Fins can get an early 1st rounder and replace him with a Chris Long type, it would be hard to complain. Don't expect that to happen, though. From what I'm hearing, no team has shown that kind of interest.

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Bryce Adams said...

The best part about the Dolphins signing Long now is that there wo'nt be any hold out crap and he can get started as early as last week learning the playbook. As far as QB's go there will be plenty in the second third and fourth rounds so go ahead and fill in the holes early.