Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Come What May

The game is in the top of the eighth, and the Marlins have again surprised even some of their most ardent supporters, me among them, with an amazing comeback from a 5-0, and later a 6-1 deficit. Much of the credit goes to Jorge Cantu, 3-3, and now batting .312. I had to write this post right now while the conclusion of the game remains in doubt.

Regardless of how the score ends up, this is another game typical of how this season is going for the Marlins. Pinto is pitching in relief and Andrew Miller only lasted 3 innings as a starter. Nothing unusual here. Just another day at the stadium.

I look up, and sure enough there is a play at the plate. The throw comes in from right field from Hermida, the relay by Uggla, and Rabelo tags out DeWitt at the plate to preserve the 6-6 tie. You simply can't ask for much more from any team, let alone one with the lowest payroll in the Majors. It's rally time in the bottom of the eighth. Lead-off hitter, Hermida, on base with a single. Gotta go!

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DSponge said...

Hate to disappoint JSponge of the past, but the Marlins are not going to win this game.