Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lorenzo Booker traded to the Eagles

Lorenzo Booker was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles for their 4th round pick. #16 in the round, #115 overall.

While it is good that we are stockpiling picks to rebuild, I have to admit that I was somewhat excited by the idea of the Fins using LoBo as a Reggie Bush/H-back type of player next season. Using a player like that in dual-RB sets with some back-field dump-offs can be pretty dangerous.

On the bright side, however, this could also mean that Sparano and Parcells have been impressed enough with Ricky Williams that they do not think they need LoBo anymore.


Imber said...

Honestly, this makes zero sense to me. They just drafted this guy in a higher round. He's got plenty of potential. How can you trust Ricky Williams at this point?

Rate said...

I agree with you. I really wanted to keep him around.