Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bill Parcells Needs to Grow Up

Those who have faithfully read our blog would know we've been highly supportive of Bill Parcells, especially in regard to the draft. He's a veritable sage when it comes to evaluating personnel, and his steady hand is just what the Dolphins need to right their ship (which had fallen somewhere near the place Captain Jack Sparrow found himself in the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie).

With those praises out of the way, it's time for a little criticism. What was it that made Parcells ineffective as coach of the Cowboys? His people skills, namely when applied to outspoken superstars like "the player" (that's T.O. if you didn't recall).

The childlike antics seem to have surfaced again, this time with Jason Taylor. There's no excuse for this:

"Two weeks ago, Taylor took a break from his dancing gig and visited the Dolphins. He visited with teammates in the locker room and, after a warm reception, decided to call on Parcells.
Taylor walked into a room where Parcells was watching tape, and Parcells ignored him. He looked at Taylor and went back to his work without saying a word.
That incensed Taylor."

In cases like these, Bill Parcells needs to rediscover that thing called puberty, which supposedly raises the mind to a more adult form.


E.J. said...

While one doesn't need to be an admirable human being to be successful, it certainly helps, especially when you are in the business of attracting the top talent in your profession. As the head honcho, the tuna needs to make sure that he cultivates, rather than destroys, his well-deserved positive reputation around the league.

Yes, he is a legend and turn-around specialist, but today's athlete does not want to play for a self-important tyrant, so he need to tone down the cantankerousness just a tad so that the best players in the league want to come down here and stay here. Forget today's athlete -NOBODY likes being treated with disrespect, especially someone who's earned respect through hard work and inspiring leadership. I wouldn't fault JT at all for wanting out.

ASponge said...

Way to take my words and spin them into something more eloquent. Beauftiful comment, EJ!