Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dolphins Add Depth in 6th

After taking OG Shawn Murphy in the fourth and RB Jalen Parmele in the sixth round, the Dolphins doubled up. The last two picks of the 6th round were OG Donald Thomas (UConn) and RB Lex Hilliard (Montana). Hillard should battle Parmele for the third RB spot, while Thomas should find another place on the ever-evolving offensive line.

Both of these guys are projects, but that's what you expect in the 6th round. Thomas could use more size, but he plays with unusual determination. Hilliard was a second choice to Mike Hart (I know, another Michigan guy) for me and the Dolphins, I suspect, but Hart went two picks earlier. Hilliard's the kind of unknown player from a little-watched team that could make Parcells look good come next year...or, he could make a fine practice squad filler.

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