Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ODB on the road

So in the interest of the Florida Fan Blog (and to do some hard core gambling at the Hard Rock) the ODB took it on the road this weekend to Tampa and took in a Devil Rays, er, whoops, Rays game. Here are my thoughts from the live action Saturday night against the White Sox.

-It was a good crowd. The line to get tickets before the game was about half an hour long and at least half the seats were filled up. Granted there were some loud go White Sox chants but the painted, inebriated college kids(USF maybe?) all decked out in Rays gear more than made up for it.

-Jonny Gomes is a stud. With two outs he got picked off first only to run his way out of a pickle with a diving slide past an old groaning Mark Buerhle. This led to a four run inning that pretty much put the game away. His next at bat he hit a shot that should have been out but hit the top of the wall. Didn't bother Gomes. He didn't stop to admire the blast. He ran the whole way through and cruised in with a triple.

-Andy Sonnanstine(I just looked up the spelling) threw strikes. It might not sound like much but all he did was throw strikes. He was ahead on every hitter and never being behind in the count led to no rallies for the White Sox.

-Other than the Rays mascot(what in the world is that thing?) I was impressed with the experience. Here's to the Rays continuing to sign their young talent and putting fans in the stands.


Stanley C. said...

The mascot of the Rays, "Raymond", is listed as a "sea dog." I don't know if the helps clear up what exactly it is, but there ya go.

Bryce Adams said...

I don't know how far you had to drive but thanks for coming out and for the support.

ASponge said...

I felt the same way. Rays management ought to be seriously commended for creating a fan-friendly environment, and I expect the team to pick things up too.