Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Dolphins draft tidbits

As recently reported on, the Dolphins are seeking a 1st round pick for DE Jason Taylor. Apparently Jason has been seeking a trade, and the 'fins have a list of players they want who may not be available come 2nd round (Florida DE Derrick Harvey, Auburn DE Quentin Groves, Michigan QB Chad Henne and Delaware QB Joe Flacco).

It seems as though Parcells is looking to go young. Personally, if they can pull of a trade, I think it would be an amazing deal for the 'fins. They'd then have 2 first round picks (one being Jake Long) and the first pick in the 2nd round. The Dolphins defense was old 3 years ago... Channing Crowder has been a nice touch, but he's still a couple season away from being a solid MLB. Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor have been the face of the Dolphins D for 11 years (Thomas started with Miami in '96, Taylor in '97). I think Harvey or Groves would be a great 2nd pick for the 'fins, even at the cost of losing a veteran captain like Taylor. Preferably Harvin; as a Gator alum, I'd love to see Crowder and Harvin together. Then maybe in round 4 or 5, they could pick up Bubba Caldwell!

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ASponge said...

It's hard to argue if they can get a 1st rounder, but that's a big if. It sounds like teams really aren't biting. Better to keep him than get a 2nd.