Friday, April 25, 2008

The Twins in South Florida?

And I am not talking about the Minnesota Twins!

With the trade to bring in Luongo to Vancouver, the Canucks had a formula that hoped to result in a Stanley Cup Championship. Missing the playoffs this year has not been good for the Canucks and their fans as they hope to make major changes to their team this off-season.

A rumor around the trade deadline was that JM called up the Canucks asking for Henrik and Daniel Sedin for Olli Jokinen. At the time the Canucks turned that offer down but would they again if the offer presents itself again? I feel that this trade would be great for both teams. Both teams are in desperate need of a HUGE change and this would be very huge!

Yes the Panthers basically get a full top line in acquiring the twins and they would only get Jokinen in return and possibly a 2nd or 3rd round pick in this years or next years draft. This would not be so bad for the Canucks because they would have Jokinen and his deal of a contract plus they would still have cap space to bring in another player that could fill one of the holes they need to fill. The Twins also come at a bargain because their contracts are:

Henrik: 3,575,000/year
Daniel: 3,575,000/year

The only problem with this is that they both are UFA after this coming season!

I personally love this deal. If the Panthers can acquire them, they would not have to overspend on a top line winger and they can use that money to get a puck moving defenseman and a role player. The one thing I can say is that they would have to offer the twins a contract extension just so this trade would not look like a flop! AKA: Luongo for Bertuzzi deal! YIKES. I still have nightmares about that deal, oh and the Bure deal (me shaking my head as I type).

The one thing I want to stress is that having the Sedin twins on this team would give guys like Frolik, Matthias, Olesz, and Kreps a chance to become superstars. The Sedin twins are known for their teamwork and passing ability. If you put a kid like Frolik or Olesz on a line with the twins then you might be looking at a 40 goal rookie season out of Frolik!

These are just some things you Panther fans need to be aware of. The organization has to think what is best for the kids who are ready to come up very soon with the Panthers. I love this deal and would do it in a second. What are your thoughts?



ASponge said...

At first, I was hesitant to acknowledge any deal involving Jokinen. He's been such a delight to watch, even if his contract situation is precarious.

Then I thought more deeply about your Spearmint "double the fun" Sedin twins deal, and I'm warming up to it. Let's see if there's any truth to it.

FloridaPanthers4ever said...

The truth is that JM did talk to the GM of Vancouver during the day of the deadline, a deal was just not done. I would love to see this trade but I would be sad to see Jokinen go as well.

Stanley C. said...

Personally, I don't like any deal involving Jokinen. He has been the leader of this team through the ups and downs (well, I guess they were all downs.) He and Martin never got along, even if they'll both deny it. With Martin off the bench, Olli in 2008\2009 will be so much better, so much more comfortable. The Sedin twins are great, but not at that price. I don't really see anyone else on the Panthers ready to take on the captaincy should Olli leave. He is the Panthers.

Imber said...

Well, I can provide plenty of insight on this, as I pretty much like the Canucks as much as the Panthers. They are my two loves. Yes, this deal was inquired about, but Vancouver easily declined it and always would. I've watched the Sedin twins for years and they have ESP with each other. They don't even need to look to find one another, and there's no way Vancouver would give up one of them, let alone both. This would be a steal for the Panthers, as Jokinen is good but he's no superstar. He's just the closest thing the Panthers have to one. Florida would have to give up Frolik, Repik, Jokinen, draft picks, etc, to get the twins. Bottom line -- this trade will never happen.

ASponge said...

I remember when the Panthers had the two never seemed like that ESP except for one game: the All-Star game. I would love to see two brothers working in action.

As for Jokinen, I think he's a superstar. He's been playing like one for two seasons now. With some help, he'd be among the top leaders.

FloridaPanthers4ever said...

Yea, I also remember the Bure trade as well! Philp Novak? I can 100% with full confidence say that the Panthers front office is clueless! ohh thats right, even Cohen said he was clueless!

Imber said...

Haha, it's true. The front office is full of nuts. But the Bure brothers was an interesting experiment. Pavel was the last true superstar this franchise has ever had. And yeah, that All-Star game was the weirdest thing I've seen haha.