Wednesday, April 23, 2008

An Ode to The SFDB

I mentioned The South Florida Daily Blog (or SFDB) earlier today, with a promise to discuss them further. I probably shouldn't even refer to it as "them," since "him" would be the more operative pronoun. It's a one-man show, spearheaded by "multi-faceted genius" Rick.

Why am I sharing this again? Because The SFDB has been inordinately kind to us. He links to us nearly every day, without expecting any sort of reciprocation. His Morning and Evening Sifts are exhilarating enough to eliminate the need for any real caffeine, and his Coolers have the first legitimate claim on community discussion since Seinfeld.

So please frequent The South Florida Daily Blog when you can, and make sure to thank Rick for all he's done for us. We are just so appreciative. Thanks!

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