Monday, April 21, 2008

Chris Long Gaining Steam?

Our resident Dolphins expert, Rate, seems to agree with me on what the Dolphins should do with the #1 pick; we both like Jake Long.

If our preference wasn't enough, Rate's amusing story from yesterday highlights some more concerns about Chris Long. Apparently, the guy not only knows how to make an endorsement, but to shamelessly exploit it. Could he be another self-promoter son like Kellen Winslow Jr.?

Well today, Chris Long got some non-commercial endorsements from Dolphins blogs:

According to Phinsider, Jake Long is a decoy, at least in the words of Ozzie Newsome, Ravens GM. Considering Jeff Ireland's gaffe, you have to wonder if he's right.

And at Phinfever, those 'Fins experts went with Chris Long in their final Mock Draft. Sure, they've done like 55,000 of them, but the last one has to hold a little more significance.

As of right now, I think Chris Long is the pick.

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Rate said...

Au contraire, buddy :) Quentin Groves is doing his ESPN chat right now and had this to say:

Peter (Miami): There is some talk here in Miami that you are a Bill Parcells kind of guy and they will take you if you are there at #32. Have you been contacted by the Fins and if so what is your take on that possibility?

SportsNation Quentin Groves: (12:42 PM ET ) I visited Miami two weeks ago. I talked to all the coaches and they were all really great. I was in shock the whole time I was talking to Parcells. It was like sitting next to an idol.

Jake Long At #1 and Quentin Groves at #32? I'd like it :)