Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tampa Bay trades 2nd round pick to the Jaguars.

News that involves all three Florida teams :)

This was a pick that was supposedly a part of the rumored Jason Taylor trade. So apparently it isn't going to happen.

Jacksonville uses the pick to take Quentin Groves, a player that I was really hoping would end up with Miami. What this does mean, however, is that Jason Taylor will very likely be in a Dolphins uniform next year, as Groves was probably one of the best options for replacing him.

The Jags have plugged their holes in defense now, and done it with some very good SEC players in Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves. Jacksonville's defense is going to be absolutely ridiculous next year.

Edit: Great, now there's reports that the deal is still in the works, and that the Jags moving up to grab our guy might even be part of it, or that maybe Tampa Bay was just trying to get another pick before trading to us..... I'm just going to leave it alone until something actually happens, I'm reading this all as speculation now.

Edit 2: Yet ANOTHER radio report of a Jason Taylor deal, this time with Green Bay for the #56 and #60.... this is getting out of control. Edit 3: Green Bay used #56 on Brian Brohm, so there's nothing to this rumor, either.


ASponge said...

I'm glad to keep Taylor. I know a deal would have made sense, but sometimes you have to listen to sentiment (and he's worth more than what the Bucs were offering). You guys agree?

ASponge said...

It looks like the Dolphins can't pull the trigger on a JT trade. It's too late now. After GB at #56, it makes no sense.