Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Better To Be Lucky...?

The Marlins are not only good, but they also seem to be lucky. Maybe the stars are aligned just right this year. Case in point:

There is a brief, 2-game series coming up this week with the Braves in Atlanta, on Wednesday and Thursday. Barring a rain-out tonight, the Marlins will be facing Jeff Bennett tomorrow (ERA 4.19, 2 starts) and Chuck James (ERA 7.88, 2 starts) on Thursday, and will miss Hudson, Smoltz, and Jurrjens. Of course, the Marlins also have problems with starters three through five, but this is a fortunate turn of events all the same.

It's these kinds of breaks that make for winning seasons. Not so for the Nationals, losing to Tim Hudson yesterday. Let's see how the weather holds up tonight in Atlanta. Smoltz is scheduled to start against the Nats.


ASponge said...

Let's not forget that the Marlins were also unlucky enough to get Santana-Pedro-Oliver Perez to start the season while Scott Olsen was still hurt.

I agree that they've been lucky of late, but sometimes you may your own luck, as they say. They had Hudson and Smoltz last time.

JSponge said...

Let's just say that their luck has turned!