Thursday, April 24, 2008

What Will the Dolphins Do Next?

Perception around the league is that the Dolphins did well in choosing Jake Long. Of course, some of this ought to be attributed to a nationwide belief that Bill Parcells knows what he's doing. Sometimes, though, it's not even the player you choose but the professionalism with which you act. Parcells clearly had control over the whole operation, and that alone makes me optimistic.

One last note on Jake Long: Phinsider backs up my claim that Jake was the safer pick, showing that offensive linemen have a 75% success rate compared to 50% from defensive linemen among early draft picks.

In regard to the next pick, FinsNation throws out two names: DE Derrick Harvey (Florida) and DE Quentin Groves (Auburn). Harvey ought to excite a number of people on this blog, as we all remember his heroics in the 2006-07 National Championship game against Ohio State. The only concern is whether Harvey will make it to #32.

If you want some more in-depth analysis, take a look at Phin Fever's comprehensive draft board:

PICK #32
ILB - Connor, Dan Penn State 6/3 231 4.67 Late First
QB - Brohm, Brian Louisville 6/3 230 4.81 Late First
OT - Cherilus, Gosder Boston College 6/7 314 5.14 Late First
QB - Henne, Chad Michigan 6/3 230 4.92 Late First
TE - Keller, Dustin Purdue 6/2 242 4.53 Late First
QB - Flacco, Joe Delaware 6/7 236 4.84 Late First
CB - Cason, Antoine Arizona 6/1 191 4.45 Late First
OLB - Groves, Quentin Auburn 6/3 259 4.53 Early Second
WR - Hardy, *James Indiana 6/6 217 4.45 Early Second
DE - Campbell, *Calais Miami 6/8 290 5.04 Early Second
OLB - Avril, Cliff Purdue 6/3 253 4.51 Early Second
OT - Baker, Sam Southern Cal 6/5 309 5.43 Early Second

They go on to analyze the later picks as well. It's definitely worth a look.


Turd Ferguson said...

As an IU alum, I would die if James Hardy was there for the Fins in round 2

rumors have him going to Tennessee at 24

Stanley C. said...

I've heard the Dolphins are shopping Jason Taylor to try and get another 1st round pick...

Jay Warman said...

I think they should pick Acevedo, Taheem, safety from Florida Atlantic.

He's better than Cameron Worrell. Jeez. I'm better than Cameron Worrell.

ASponge said...

Cameron Worrell just got released, thankfully.