Saturday, April 26, 2008

Scott Olsen Does it Again

Another fantastic start from Scott Olsen. He pitched 7.1 innings against Milwaukee allowing ZERO earned runs and gave up only 4 hits on just 99 pitches. He kept the Marlins in the game and gave them the opportunity to win it in extras, 3-0. His ERA has fallen to 2.06 - and that's including his first start, coming out of injury, where he gave up 4 runs in five innings against the Pirates.

People can say what they want such as, "the Marlins pitching will falter eventually," or, "this team is on a hot streak and will cool off quickly," or "Hendrickson certainly won't last...he's a 5th starter on any other team," but nobody is going to tell me that Scott Olsen is having a surprise beginning to the season. I just won't hear it.

I am convinced that he will remain a bright spot in the rotation throughout the year for the Marlins. This is not a fluke, this guy is for real. How comforting it is to know that the Marlins will likely win every time he pitches.

And by the way, I have taken note of Olsen since the SFF was in its infant stages. Go all the way back to March 17 with one of my first pieces: The Scott Olsen Turn-around. Anyone who disagrees with me, do not hesitate to comment on this post.


ASponge said...

I absolutely agree with you. Olsen has been fantastic so far, and he has the stuff to keep it up. It was always his emotional problems that interfered with his pitching. You can just tell he's more composed now.

Imber said...

The one thing about this team that I don't see dropping off too much is Olsen. He's been great and is finally starting to realize his potential. You know what that means though right? Bye bye next contract year.