Monday, March 17, 2008

The Scott Olsen Turn-around

I have nothing against the guy. In fact, I'm more thilled than anyone that he's still with the Marlins and an essential part of the rotation. It's just that I find it truly amusing how quickly fans, and the media, change their minds as time trickles by. This is the same Scott Olsen who was in numerous brawls with former and current teammates - (Sergio Mitre for one) and was arrested for resisting officers in a DUI on July 21, 2007. At that time I remember watching, as a concerned fan, the discussions about whether or not it was appropriate for the team to suspend him for his disorderly conduct in order to "teach him a lesson." I even heard some cries for Olsen to be tossed away altogether since he was such a distraction off the field and not living up to the expectations on the field. One thing for certain was that at the end of the year he would no longer be a Marlin.

Well, today, Olsen is not only one of the "veteran" members of the Florida Marlins pitching staff and projected #1 starter going into the 2008 season, but he is also one of the biggest advocates of the Florida Marlins probable stadium deal and seems to have cleaned up his act altogether (he finished his sentence of community service as of Feb. 22). The Scott Olsen story serves as a perfect example for why not to listen to what people are saying at any specific moment. Anyone can recover at any time from any infamous reputation. Just look at Andy Pettite (who had admitted to taking HGH in a previous year); this guy looks like a saint after the whole Roger Clemens fiasco.


The Amazin' Amezaga said...

It's fairly premature to officially designate this a turnaround, isn't it? It's only been eight months since the arrest -- even guys like Milton Bradley, Carl Everett, and Elijah Dukes have been able to avoid trouble for that length of time in the past. If in three years there still haven't been any incidents, then give me a call.

Christian said...

Who said scott Olsen is such a team leader. he could be a mess all over again this year. he usually piytches average anyway.

DSponge said...

Response to the comment from the amazin' amezaga:

I understand your point and yes, I agree it would be fairly premature for me or anyone to designate this a turnaround. But the focal point of this entry was the way in which the media and the average fan are willing to forgive and forget so quickly. I would not call this a turn-around, and neither would you, Mr. amazin' amezaga, but the majority of the people in this area simply don't care. They just want to move on.