Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Heat Triumphant!

Yes, we bloggers are prone to hyperbole, and this is certainly one of those cases. That being said, how about the Heat pulling out a March win in Milwaukee, giving the franchise its twelfth win of the season.

As far as I'm concerned, 12 wins is better than 11, and there are a few things to get excited about:

1. Shawn Marion looks like he's adjusting to the system. Even in a game where he played hurt, he still managed 12 boards, deferring to teammates when advantageous.

2. Jason Williams shows signs of life. Could he be gaining enough value to be part of a sign-and-trade this summer? Doubtful, but worth keeping an eye on.

3. Bobby Jones (no, not the golfer), Joel Anthony, and Chris Quinn going 13-15 from the field (86.7%) for 35 points. They were the difference in this game.

So do the Heat have a chance tonight in Toronto? Not a chance in hell, let alone Canada, but hey, let's celebrate the wins when they come.

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