Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pitching Rotation Falling into Place for Fish

The beginning-of-the-year pitching rotation for the Marlins is becoming more and more obvious. It was a certainty that Mark Henrickson would pitch opening day (as previously mentioned) but now more information has been released. Florida will probably start with a 4-man rotation consisting of the following pitchers:

3/31 - Mark Henrickson
4/1 - Rick Vanden Hurk
4/2 - Andrew Miller
4/4 - Scott Olsen

Later Ricky Nolasco will join the rotation, likely in the series against the Houston Astros, but he is not necessary right away since there are two rest days in the first week of the season.

Way down the road, things will get interesting when Sergio Mitre comes back. It is unclear whose place in the rotation he would take or whether he would fit in at all. That will entirely depend on the way the Marlins starters pitch up until that point.

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