Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dwyane Wade's Season (or lack thereof)

If we're going to talk about Dwyane Wade's season, let's first keep in mind that there isn't one anymore. He's been effectively shut down, leaving the already embattled Heat to slim pickings (apologies to Shawn Marion, Udonis Haslem, and the artist formerly known as Jason Williams).

This move should come as no surprise, and many have been opining about it for some time. Reggie Miller, for one, could not have been more vehement during the last Lakers-Heat matchup. It was clear to him that Wade was 70% at best, and that the Heat were risking his health by continuing to play him.

Many Heat fans are frustrated (including myself) that they won't have the pleasure of seeing Flash dazzle anymore. Why else would you watch this cracked shell of a team? Is it just me, or does the prospect of Marcus Banks (the Suns' former excessive contract) doing a give and go with Earl Barron just not have the same mystique? As Bill Simmons would say, "Blount! Quinn! The NBA on Sun Sports!" Seriously, Eric Reid must be having a heart attack by now.

But let's be smart about this. In all truth and wisdom, Wade probably should have been shut down a month ago, and if you want to see the real Flash again, let him rest up. It's easy to forget just how dynamic a player he can be.

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