Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dolphins Shouldn't Take a QB

A few days ago, I espoused on who I thought the Dolphins should take with their first overall pick: OT Jake Long. Since then, I've been hearing a lot of great things about the other Long (Chris), the versatile DE/LB from Virginia, and I think he'd be an excellent choice too.

My main assertion is that the 'Fins shouln't waste their pick on a QB. Matt Ryan and Brian Brohm don't look like the next Peyton Manning or Tom Brady (a 7th round pick, you may recall). Early QB picks are risky endeavors, with many being surpassed by those bypassed for later rounds.

The great folks at expressed a similar sentiment:

"While I am in agreement with most analysts in that we are in dire need of a franchise quarterback, I am not convinced that Ryan is it. Not looking at what they've done in the NFL, but if Eli Manning, Vince Young, Carson Palmer, or even Matt Leinart were available in this draft I would say to go for it."

(I can't recommend enough, both for their informative pieces and articulate style. Really a must-subscribe for Dolfans worldwide.)

In sum, I'd support the drafting of anyone named Long (save for old Heat fave Grant Long), but NOT a QB in the first round.

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