Friday, March 28, 2008

Panther Playoff Hopes Come to an End

Tonight the Florida Panthers lost to the Atlanta Thrashers 3-2, a game in which the Cats had many chances and just could not convert them. The Panthers are now 7 points back of the 7th and 8th seeds, Philadelphia and Boston, and of Carolina for the division lead.

In order to make the playoffs, Florida must not lose any of their remaining 4 games. In addition, one of the three teams previously mentioned must not win another game or lose a game in overtime. Also, Buffalo and Washington stand in between and are very capable of making the playoffs.

Unfortunately, the Panthers are done. They played well down the stretch, but apparently not well enough.

On the other hand, let's give this team some credit - Unlike the other 3 professional franchises in Miami, the Panthers made a legitimate run and there was something to root for up until the last few games of the season.

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