Saturday, April 26, 2008

With the 32nd pick, the Miami Dolphins pick...

Phillip Merling, DE, Clemson

Why he's #32: Many people had Merling as a mid-first round pick, but his injury problems dropped him this far. He has good size (6'4", 276) and he's fairly quick (4.71 40 yd dash). However, he isn't very strong (only 17 reps) and stands up a little too much for my liking. But, in terms of playing well in games, he's the opposite of Glenn Dorsey. Merling recorded 7 sacks last season - 1 against FSU, 1 against VTech, 2 against Wake, 2 against BC and 1 against Auburn. He had similar effectiveness in his tackles for a loss, again recording most of them in Clemson's biggest games.

Why the Dolphins needed him: Jason Taylor is about to be traded.

Why I Like the Pick: Merling was an absolute steal at #32. He has a lot of upside and will need to be coached up some after coming back from sports hernia surgery. I only "like" this pick instead of loving it because he's another Jason Allen in that we have to wait for him to get healthy before we can do anything with him, and we could've had a more immediate impact player like Brandon Flowers or Devin Thomas at the same position. It's a good pick, but it's tempered by a little disappointment at the same time.


ASponge said...

I have to say...I reaaally like this pick. I just can't believe Merling was still sitting there.

With Jason Taylor likely going for several Bucs picks (including a 2nd here), the Dolphins can afford to gamble in a number of areas.

I love the idea of accumulating draft picks, especially if the 'Fins can continue to pull away steals.

Rate said...

if the JT and Lobo trades both go through, that will mean we will make 11 picks in this draft, plus an extra one for next year.

For a team that's rebuilding and has a lot of needs, that's certainly not a bad thing.

It hurts to see both Jason and Zach go, but it really is better for the future of the team.

Scott McLean said...

The Dolphins look as though they could have good success in building the team for when the Patriots are no longer such a powerhouse. I haven't been following the draft, but perhaps now thanks to your blog, I will. The Jets in AFC have always been my fave team there, but I'll also keep and eye on what the Dolphins are doing.

ASponge said...


Thanks for commenting. Are you disappointed that the Jets couldn't get Darren McFadden?

Scott McLean said...

Well, The Jets' offense needs to get better at moving the ball on the ground. So it is somewhat of a disappointment. But the Jets also needed to improve their defense, and I think the defensive end they drafted should help.