Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bye Baker and Farewell Fafita!

Baker was gone as soon as Foster was signed. There was no way Miami was going to keep more than four QB's going into training camp. McCown, Beck, and Henne are safe, for obvious reasons, and now they have Foster as a training camp arm while they groom him to whatever position they best feel his skills lend themselves to.

As for Fafita, I noted in my last blog that his days in Miami were coming to a close. First of all, he isn't a "Parcells Guy". He was inherited from a regime that Parcells CLEARLY has no respect for. That is why it is being written by some news outlets that Beck may be gone at the end of 2008. Second, and more importantly, Fafita just didn't show enough potential compared to the defensive lineman that Parcells drafted. With JT apparently sticking around until, at least, the trading deadline, the DLine rotation has become VERY crowded!

Bottom line: Parcells trusts his judgement more than he does Cameron and Saban's! That means we have to say "Bye to Baker and Farewell to Fafita"!

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