Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Found This Funny.

So I was going through the ESPN chats with draft prospects over the past few months, and I started reading the one with Chris Long.

And in his fourth question, Chris Long turned this into an advertisement.

Chris Long: I'm doing a media tour for *****, who is an NFL sponsor, whom I'm working with. Be sure to watch the NFL draft LIVE on your ***** phone. And read my and Matt Ryan's blogs on your ***** phone.
And then he ends his chat with this:
Chris Long: Thanks a lot for coming through and asking all these interesting questions. Be sure to check out my blog on your ***** phone as well as *****'s coverage of the NFL draft. Wahoo UVA all day long!
Isn't it funny how even the smallest ounce of celebrity status can already be selling phones? The kid is barely removed from his protection from advertisers under NCAA rules, and has yet to play an NFL down ever, yet he's already banking on endorsements. If you remember from the 2006 Draft, Vernon Davis, Jeremy Bloom, and A.J. Hawk were all in the "click-clack" commercials before the draft, too.

I also have to question Long's choices here a little as well. Sure, it shows dedication to his sponsor, but it also, at least to me, shows a little lack of class as well. ESPN brings people into these chats to talk about their experiences leading up to the draft, not to advertise phone companies. From the chats I've read, Chris is the only one who brings up an endorsement deal in his chat.

Is he really in this for the football?

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ASponge said...

I find it funny in, holy sh*t. I'm really on the Jake Long bandwagon now.