Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Marlins Have Real Fans Too

If you've ever been to Dolphin Stadium for a Marlins game, you know that there will be at best 20,000 people there, 1/3 of them rooting for the away team.

If you've ever been to a Sunday afternoon or weekday game (as I did today and last Wednesday), you know that there might be 10,000 fans, maybe 11,000, and everybody is sure to be gone by the 8th inning.

But...if you've ever been to any Marlins game, for the 16 years of the franchise's existence, from Joe Robbie to Pro Player to Dolphins to Dolphin Stadium, you know that the few Fish fans who do show up are some of the best fans around. And that miniscule number of fans is not afraid to show it.

The true fans who go to every game, like the famous Sign Guy, know about as much about our players and history as any fanbase, especially the ridiculous fans of the rapidly growing "Red Sox Nation." In fact, most Red Sox fans know nothing except that they are wearing a navy blue hat with a red "B" on it, and that their team plays in Boston.

So, people can "diss" the Florida Marlins all they want with ignorant comments like "Marlins suck, or why do you like the Marlins, they can't hold on to any good players," but they can't argue with the fact that the Marlins had won TWO World Championships in 11 years, second only to the New York Yankees - A conveniently forgotten truth.


Jay Warman said...

You da man DSponge! Firin' me up. LETS GO FISH!


ASponge said...

Absolutely hilarious comment about Red Sox Nation, and the worst part about it is how true it is.

Sure, there are some great Red Sox fans, but they've also accumulated a nation's worth of baseless, bandwagon jumpers. Way to point out what we've all been thinking!