Saturday, April 12, 2008

Heat D-League Hero Watch: 4th Edition

So far, we've had three games and three different champions. Will one of our previous winners claim another day, cementing his status as the clear frontrunner?

The answer is no. Kasib Powell put up a strong effort, going for 11 points and 7 boards, but the 4-12 FG% sinks him too much. Today's award goes to ... Stephane Lasme! For those questioning his eligibility because he played last year, please keep in mind that he logged a total of 6 seconds for the Warriors, so he still counts.

Lasme was pretty good in the Heat's thrilling 96-91 loss to Memphis last night. Though he only scored 9 points, he totaled 9 rebounds, 6 of which were offensive. He also blocked 2 shots and carried a +13 point differential on the court. Let me issue a sincere congratulations to Stephane Lasme, who may be playing his way to more than 6 seconds next year.

1st Edition - Alexander Johnson
2nd Edition - Blake Ahearn
3rd Edition - Kasib Powell
4th Edition - Stephane Lasme

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