Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jorge Cantu Watch: Grade A

Ever since I started the Jorge Cantu watch (or as some would say, after I started eating crow), the guy has been on fire.

Well, Cantu keeps piling it on. I'd ask for a TKO, except I want him to keep hitting. Please please please keep proving me wrong.

In last night's game, not only did he knock another one out of the park, but he had the decisive blow of the game. With the score tied at 3-3, he hit a huge 2-run shot that propelled the Fish to victory.

He even showed improvement on the defensive side. In the first play of the game, he barehanded a solid bunt attempt and made a strong throw to first for the out. Later in the game, he stopped a sharp grounder and lasered a throw to second.

In sum, it's time to upgrade Jorge Cantu to an A. Keep it up Jorge, and kudos to all you experts on this blog who seemed to see more in him than I did.

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