Sunday, April 13, 2008

Orange Bowl Demolition a Disco for Marlins

Most of you have probably heard of the horribly-gone-wrong Disco Demolition Night ballpark promotion in 1979 (Comiskey Park, Chicago). If you haven't, you must read (and laugh) about it here!

Many thought that was the end of disco in America, save for a few devout Whit Stillman fans in love with The Last Days of Disco. (By the way, if you want to give Whit Stillman a viewing, I highly recommend the one-of-a-kind Metropolitan).

Anyway, the point I'm inarticulately making is that the demolition of the Orange Bowl may be a sad, emotional day for Hurricanes fans, but it's a moment of reckless disco-like jubilation for Marlins fans. The Marlins owe the ghost of Hurricanes past for their fairy of Marlins future, and that is a phenomenon worth thinking about. Where do the rest of you stand on the issue?


Jay Warman said...

I don't wanna drive down there 20 or 30 times a year ... but I'll deal with it because that's the kind of fish fan I am. Takin' one for the team Alex Gonzalez style. BTW he's the Marlins' all-time HBP leader with 51.

Jorge said...

It makes me very sad to see the the site of so many Hurricanes victories get picked apart. It was once considered the best home advantage in all of college football. I think I know how Brooklyn feels about Ebbets Field now.