Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nostalgia in Panthers Colors

The Florida Panthers are now accepting applications for their new head coach. I'm thinking about sending one in just as soon as I try out for the opening on the third scoring line.

Okay, in all seriousness, the first rumor of possible replacement coaches to get me excited has finally come out. And that has come in the form of hearing that former Panthers coach Doug MacLean is "interested" in the job.

Forget his, well, forgettable performance in Columbus. Some teams just don't have what it takes to win, and so far, the very definition of that has been the Blue Jackets. Only so much of the blame can go to the coach when a team doesn't have the horses.

MacLean would bring back the essence of all that was good in this franchise's history. He took the young Panthers all the way to the Stanley Cup back in 1996, a season that seems so far gone. MacLean coming back would bring back reminders of winning, sell out crowds, and of course rats. Everything that made the Panthers one of the most successful start up teams in NHL history could be back just like that.

The Panthers finally made a right decision in firing Jacques Martin from his coaching perch. Now they have an opportunity to make it two for two.

Bring back Dougie MacLean!

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ASponge said...

Doug MacLean would be an excellent choice! He's the only coach they've ever performed well with, and his player-friendly style could do wonders with the current group.

I endorse MacLean wholeheartedly for the job.