Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dolphins Attempting a Groundbreaking Draft Strategy

The Dolphins' new draft strategy says as much about the new regime as it does about the failures of the rookie system. In no other sport do the rookies get superstar contracts, leaving many teams better off without an early draft pick at all.

As crazy as that sounds, drafting a rookie is basically like signing an expensive free agent without ever seeing him play. The only benefit is you're the only one who can sign him (which hasn't proved as much of a benefit lately).

The Rams have openly admitted that they think the Dolphins might even (gasp) pass on their first overall pick. The even crazier thing? I think they should!

But before heads start rolling, let's remember the one great luxury of being first overall. It's not that you get your pick of the litter, but that you can sign your pick of the litter. The Dolphins can negotiate contracts with the players they're considering and avoid any holdout controversies. This might be appealing enough for a player to take less money too, since he'd be choosing his destination and have the prestige of being the first overall pick.

The Dolphins are smartly testing that theory to its limits. They're currently in contract negotiations with Jake Long, Chris Long, and Vernon Gholston. They may just take the cheapest one...and that would be just fine with me. That or pass. You have to love the audacity of this new management team.

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Mike Wilkins said...

That's definitely a smokescreen. No way would the Dolphins actually pass on purpose. That would be such bad PR.