Sunday, April 13, 2008

It Clearly Isn't Miller Time

As JSponge documented yesterday, the Marlins owe their first place standing not to starting pitching, but hitting. Jay Warman astutely pointed out that Mark Hendrickson turned in a couple good starts, but beyond that and Scott Olsen, the starters have been pretty suspect.

The worst among this not-so-fabled group has been Andrew Miller, and tonight he did little to make his case. Simply put, the guy is throwing watermelons. I'm not sure what he needs to work on, but he's not fooling hitters. When an arthritic Brad Ausmus is making high velocity pitches look like batting cage practice, you know there's a deception problem.

Examining Miller's line more closely, we see he gave up 5 ER in 5 innings, improving his season ERA to a bush league 11.37. Even more troubling are the 8 hits and 4 walks. Sure, the 6 K's suggest evidence of what makes him a top notch prospect, but there are glaring holes in his game.

Even with Sergio Mitre sidelined for a few more weeks, I think it's still time to send Miller down and have him work through his troubles. Why not give Renyel Pinto a rotation spot, or call up Chris Volstad for a couple starts? Either way, it's time to say goodbye to Miller Time. Right now, there isn't a worse pitcher in the big leagues.


Jay Warman said...

In about the third inning he switched from watermelons to grapefruits ... and he started throwing harder. He pitched well enough to warrant another start. However, The Great Chris Volstad Wait continues...

And thanx for the props.

Imber said...

Yeah, this is why the Marlins can't keep thinking they're going to get lucky on these huge trades for youngsters. Sure Miller has plenty of potential, but that's exactly what it is; potential and nothing more. But I agree with you. While he's throwing like this, it's time to give someone else a shot.

Future Fish said...

It would take Pinto 3-4 weeks to build up enough arm strength to start game. In the minors, as a starter he was an absolute wreck with the walks. That's why he is best suited for the bullpen.

Doug Waechter is definitely a guy who should get a look. It would be worth it for the Marlins to go out and sign Jeff Weaver too.

There is no reason to rush Chris Volstad. He needs the innings in Double A. That and there is no reason to start his arbitration clock either. Keep him down there a few months. We're thinking more for the future here than anything