Saturday, April 12, 2008

Great Pitching Beats Great Hitting?

The Marlins sit atop the National League East, and yet their 7-3 record is based on uncharacteristic power and clutch hitting without the strong starting pitching to match. According to ESPN, their starters have the highest ERA of any team in history to win 7 of their first 10 games (6.98). If they keep averaging 2 HR's per game, that might be OK, but just how likely is that? The starting pitching just has to come around for winning to become a habit, as the bullpen cannot be expected to bail them out night after night.

Olsen's performance this past week was a good start. Now, Andrew Miller needs to step up and hold up his end of the trade that brought him to Florida from Detroit. Tonight would be the perfect time to prove himself. A few more HR's would not hurt either. After all, it doesn't matter if your ERA is around 7 if the team scores 10 runs per game every single day. It's just a lot easier to win if you can get by with only 5.


Jay Warman said...

Hendrickson has made 2 good starts and he had just the one bad inning on Opening Day against the Mets.

If Miller continues to stink, they should seriously consider bringing up Chris Volstad. He is off to a great start at AA Carolina.

ASponge said...


I'd like to see Volstad get in there too. Let's give Andrew Miller one more start, but it's looking like he needs more seasoning.