Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rich and Tommy Under Review

The Marlins may have great TV ratings, but how much of it is due to stellar announcing from Tommy Hutton and Rich Waltz? We at The South Florida Fan don't have an official opinion, but unofficially?

Rich has certainly improved since his first year. He has a few expressions I could do without, such as every walk being "and Pitcher loses him" and every single veteran being "a wily veteran who leads by example...see Brian Moehler circa 2006 for evidence of that" even when the player sucks.

Tommy Hutton also has his share of, shall we say, less impressive moments. His jokes are usually on the lame side, and even more amusing is when Rich decides to go along with it. As soon as Len Kasper left the booth, Tommy Hutton embraced the role of senior announcer, and Rich does his bidding.

Their finer aspects? They may display too much homerism from time to time (that's an understatement), but they clearly love the team. I also like the Tuesday e-mail feature.

If you found the above interesting, then you MUST visit/subscribe to Stupid Things that Rich and Tommy Say, a new blog chronicling some of their mishaps. We'll be adding it to the link list as well, along with Fire Michael Kay (FMK), a beautifully written blog about Yankees' voice Michael Kay (I think you can tell by the title that they aren't the biggest fans).


Jay Warman said...

Rich and Tommy are homers, but it isnt the worst case of homerism I have ever seen.

Check out Hawk Harrelson and Darrin Jackson for the White Sox. Those guys are ridiculous. They actually refer to the opposing team as the "bad guys."

I think it's funny and don't mind homerism. National games should be objectively broadcast. Home town broadcasts should be home team oriented.

ASponge said...

I agree, Jay, but I also think there are varying degrees of homerism. It's one thing to favor your home team, another to sound like a fan on the air.

Anyway, after watching the Nats broadcast yesterday (more on that in a post today), the Marlins aren't so bad.