Sunday, April 20, 2008

NBA Playoffs & Popcorn

You may remember Terrell Owens once saying, "get your popcorn ready." Even more amusing is when Sean Merriman sent Jason Taylor a bowl of popcorn when the Dolphins missed the playoffs two years ago (as revenge for Taylor's outspoken remarks about Merriman taking steroids and not deserving Defensive Player of the Year because of it).

Regardless, popcorn is often synonymous with watching from your couch. That is exactly where the Miami Heat are viewing things from right now (Dwyane Wade for the last month). Today, the Magic will get their shot against the Raptors, but in the meantime, let's do a quick review of yesterday's games:

1. Cavaliers-Wizards (1-0 Cleveland) - The Wiz are certainly doing their share of talking. I won't lie...I'm an unabashed Gilbert Arenas fan. I find his trashtalk more hilarious than obnoxious. They'll need to defend better down the stretch if they're going to have a chance in this series, though.

2. Spurs-Suns (1-0 Spurs) - The NBA's premier 1st round series far exceeded its billing in Game 1. The Suns just don't seem to have the luck in those close, late games, and it's not their fault. Tim Duncan hitting a 3 to send it into 2OT??? The Suns could really use a win in Game 2.

3. Hornets-Mavericks (1-0 Hornets) - Everyone is overlooking the Hornets. Chris Paul is absolutely fantastic, as he proved yesterday. Look for favored Dallas (even though they're the #7 seed) to go down quickly if they don't stop Paul soon.

4. Jazz-Rockets (1-0 Jazz) - Tracy McGrady's nightmare may be happening again. Another year, another 1st round exit. Sure, the Rockets would trounce a number of East teams, but the world isn't fair (just ask the Sonics fans, who could care less about the NBA Playoffs when their team may not even be there soon). McGrady's legacy is going to take another big hit when the Jazz take this 4-1 (my prediction).

Anyway, enjoy the year off. I expect the Heat to be right back in the thick of things next year, and the Magic should play well against the Raptors today.


Jay Warman said...

The HEAT need a player like Chris Paul that can do it all from the point guard spot. Hopefully D-Rose is that player and hopefully he is a Heatian come June.

ASponge said...

I'm still torn on the Beasley-Rose debate. Beasley has so much ability, but his attitude is legitimately worrisome.

Either way, I hope the Heat have their choice and win the lottery.