Saturday, April 19, 2008

FAU's Depth Apparent in Spring Game

One play ... one injury to one great player.

In the FAU spring game, star TE Jason Harmon was one and done with a knee injury. It didn't appear too serious but we shall see.

Later in the game DB Tavious Polo tackled an offensive player with his head. However, he was coherent and able to answer questions after the game.

As for that game ... The defense won, for what it's worth, as the offense couldn't score on a two minute drill at the end. The defense showed great depth and speed in throttling the high-powered FAU offense.

The usual stars were out as Frantz Joseph and Jervonte Jackson led the hard-hitting first team. Before he knocked himself out of the game, Polo had his customary interception.

But the spring game isn't about the stars, it's about hope for the future and unknown players making names for themselves. There were a few nice surprises on Saturday:

LB Ted Czepiga, a RS senior was great in for the second team. He even had an interception.

DB Erick McIntosh, E-Mac is BACK after lotsa injuries. The RS junior had a phenomenal game and was the most pleasant of surprises. He got his day started with a fumble recovery for a TD. He also had an interception and several pass break-ups.

RB Alfred Morris, A RS freshman fresh from the scout team played solid tailback in relief of DiIvory Edgecomb and Charles Pierre. Morris played with the first team and had a TD catch and a two-point conversion run.

As expected:

The D-Line is much, much better. Jervonte Jackson is the anchor but add in Robert St. Clair, a healthy Josh Savidge, a stronger Michael Hancock and a beastly Dino Cox and you have your self a hell of a line.

Rusty Smith to Cortez Gent. I write it all the time and it never gets old. Just enjoy it. Smith just knows where Gent is going to be before he gets there and seems to always put the ball on the numbers. When they screw up it is shocking because they are usually perfect.

The running game is solid. Pierre, Edgecomb, Morris, Jeff Blanchard and Xavier Stinson coming in. And don't forget about Willie Rose who runs, catches and blocks with the best.

There are still battles at many positions and some guys you may never have heard of are pushing the current starters. It is a good problem to have. This is the deepest and most talented team in Owls football history.

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ASponge said...

FAU football put themselves on the map when they beat Minnesota last year, and things should only get better.

Watch out NCAA...FAU is a perennial bowl team now.